Hello Fellow Acrobats!

I heard that some of you are having a lot of discomfort on the elbows when training the Planche.

It is normal on the beginning, the planche place a lot of stress on the wrist and indeed on the elbows. And if you happen to have hyper extended elbows like me, you are in for some pain. But the good news is that there is a way around that. I will show in a minute, but before you even try to do it, you should have a look at this VERY INTERESTING video that will help you understand the function of the arm.

Sure it will make more sense when you apply what you are about to see on my video.

Pronation and Supination of the Arm

This will help

sorry that I miss a bit of my hand, Sure the video bellow it will make more sense.

Conclusion: Place your fingers facing forward and try to rotate your forearm inward. Lock that position.

Suggestion: I know that some of you think that weight lifting is not good for us acrobats, but on my personal opining, you can benefit big time from weight lifting. So, get a set of dumbbells and start doing all sorts of biceps curl. Pronatesupinate, hammer, etc, etc!!!

Get Strong!

All the best

Luis Sarabia

Here 2 help

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  1. Balance
    March 2, 2011 at 3:04 am

    Hi, Luis! I am glad to hear some advice on this subject from someone who actually has this kind of elbow. I have two questions:

    What elbow position(s) do you recommend and have personally used on other exercises that most people do with an elbow position similar to the hands pointed back position that you try to avoid with the planche, like the back lever and iron cross?

    Also, in working handstands against a wall, I feel like I am not locking my elbows. My arms seem to be straight more like normal elbows rather than hyperextended like my elbows usually do to lock. However, it seems really difficult to get them to go any further in that movement, and even harder to try and rotate the forearms inward. Am I really that weak? Should I focus on trying to get the arms to where they are clearly hyperextended and locked?

    I should also add that right now my wrists seem too inflexible to do the planche as you suggest with the fingers forward, and I think I’d be better off learning it more like you do with the fingers pointing to the sides.


  1. June 14, 2011 at 4:42 am

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